ACCtv Project Reflection

Dear Graham,

The ACCtv project was a very good learning experience for me. Although I had some major hangups, and thanks to some understanding and an extended deadline, I was able to come out with what I feel is a pretty good edit. As far as the shooting goes, it was really fun working with lav mics and shooting in a Greenhouse, which made for almost perfect light, and very few shadows. The colour quality of the footage looks quite vivid and I have had a few compliments about it thus far.  I really enjoy working with the V1U’s.

What did I learn from my mistakes on this project? First and foremost, I need to ALWAYS remember to double check camera settings. This includes both video and audio settings. I also learned a thing or two about Premier during the course of our adventures in tape capturing. Yes I got really frustrated, and no it wasn’t very becoming of a professional attitude. Taking a step away from the edit for a few days was exactly what I needed to calm down and restart my work. On that note, it was a very efficient edit because all of the other elements (title sequence, logos, and watermark) were already assembled and ready to go. It definitely shows that good organizational skills on behalf of Eric helped the entire class project to stay consistent. 

Karleigh was a blast to work with, and her cheery attitude really made the shooting quite a lot of fun. We got some pretty good blooper shots too! It was a cool shoot location because of all of the different things to film.  All frustration aside, I am walking away from the project satisfied with how things turned out, and will undoubtedly be vigilant in the future about my camera’s settings. I’m really happy that I turned my attitude around and put my best foot forward for edit day. 

I’m grateful that these things happen along the way because there is far more to be learned from mistakes and troubleshooting than there is in doing things by the book. Again, I would really like to thank you, Graham for your patience and extra help with my project.

All the best,

~ Scotty Gwyer

10 Steps: Tuning a Snowboard

Setup makes all the difference in the world! Remember to select the right wax for the snow conditions, and tune your edges accordingly for either grip or slide. Bevel to about 12′ for good bite and less hangups on rails.

A poster mock-up for a 20's party

The Roaring 20’s Swing Party

Scotty Gwyer Agency web mockup

What do you think about my new Web Page idea???

Social Media Networld Assignment

Recently our class did a study of several social media options for branding and connecting with potential customers. I was astonished to find out the sheer grandeur of WordPress. It truly is a humongous, scalable, open-sourced website creation tool. The amount of customization that can be done is staggering. From a portfolio and content stance, the ability to connect to other social media using widgets is a fantastic tool. This draws the viewer into your WordPress site.This option lets the designer utilize the best available tools on the web: Instagram for imagery, Vimeo for video content, twitter for updates, and Linkedin for profiles.

Wix is another customizable website creation tool. It lets users completely customize their layout, even more so than WordPress. I was very impressed by the flexibility on the Wix site. Linking other tools such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram, for example is more complicated on the Wix site than on the WordPress site. The community is not as large as WordPress is, which means less exposure for your website.

Vimeo and YouTube are similar video hosting sites that specialize in video content. Generating traffic can generate income from sponsored ads with a YouTube account. For more professional uses, Vimeo is a great tool for online video portfolios because users can avoid advertising and get straight to video content.

I use my twitter account to keep my content fresh by linking my tweets to my other social media sites. This lets me quickly access and post to sites that are less mobile-accessible. Using the appropriate hash tags can quickly generate a lot of attention (trending). Twitter does a good job of bringing users with common interests together. In other words, users share with a more targeted audience and can have a greater impact on their followers. Twitter posts are particularly good at drawing attention to external websites, such as WordPress and LinkedIn

If you have branded your sites well, you will be drawing interest towards you as a producer. Once you have your audience’s attention, you might want to find gigs or even a career! Using LinkedIn’s online resume hosting service helps to promote yourself to employers everywhere.

I learned that customizing consistently between the different online services is the first step in developing a brand identity. Using consistent imagery, colorways, and wording binds together all of the other web tools with familiar threads.  Keeping content fresh and captivating generates more site traffic, more followers, and draws more attention to your artistic output.

~ Scotty Gwyer

“A website that explains your value and delivers clear calls to action needs to be one of the arrows in your marketing arsenal.”

~ Steven Stern

Welcome to my Portfolio Blog

Here you will find elements of my portfolio as it develops over the next two years as a student of Interactive Media Arts at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, MB. Enjoy the visual feast!

~ Scotty Gwyer